SONATA: Situation-aware Orchestration of AdapTive Architecture
SONATA addresses the dissatisfaction of workers about their workplace design by implementing architectural adaptive tech- nologies on a personal scale, and by evaluating their impact. The EU-funded four-year project aims to provide evidence-based re- commendations on how architectural adaptation enhances human health and wellbeing in hybrid workplaces.

SONATA proposes that adaptive technologies should be: situated, aware of the actual activities and preferences of workers; orche- strated, augmenting the positive impact of multiple technologies with each other; and equitable, distributing the positive impact on as many workers as possible.


Coordinamento ? Academic Partners KU Leuven (Coordinators) IRI UL: Inovacijsko-razvojni institut Univerze v Ljubljani MUNI: …

This project has received funding from the European Union’s HorizonEurope Research and Innovation Actions programme under Grant Agreement no.101137507.


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