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21 Luglio 2021

Collegati al webstream del workshop di LEVELS che si tiene oggi a Bruxelles.

Il web streaming inizia alle 11.00 e termina alle 15.00 (ora locale di Bruxelles).

GUARDA DAL VIVO il workshop cliccando qui

La sessione di break-out e la sessione conclusiva verso la fine della giornata non saranno trasmesse via web ma saranno riassunte nel rapporto della conferenza, che sarà reso disponibile sul sito web della conferenza alcune settimane dopo l’evento.

11:00 – 11:20 | Session 1: Opening Speeches

Buildings Role in the Circular Economy :

  • Sirpa Pietikäinen, Member of European Parliament

Level(s) – Moving the Building Sector Towards a Circular Economy:

  • Pascal Eveillard, Deputy VP Sustainable Development, Saint-Gobain

11:20 – 12:20 | Session 2: How Market Leaders are Preparing to Test Level(s): The Challenges and Opportunities

Knauf Insulation Project in Skofja Loka, Slovenia: Working with DGNB, Level(s) and Government :

  • Vincent Briard, Sustainability & Product Regulatory Affairs Director, Knauf Insulation

Skanska’s Approach to Testing Level(s)

  • Anna Åkesson, Senior Environmental Manager, Skanska AB

The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development’s Green Economic Transition Approach: The Role Level(s) May Play :

  • Alexander Hadzhiivanov, Associate Director, Sustainable Resource Investments, Energy Efficiency & Climate Change, EBRD (European Bank for Reconstruction and Development)

How Architects are Preparing for Level(s) :

  • Dr Peter Andreas Sattrup, Senior Adviser, Sustainability, Danish Association of Architectural Firms

Q&A with Audience
12:20 – 13:10 | Session 3: Lessons from Certification Tools and How Level(s) is Being Integrated Into Them

DGNB 2017: Including the Circular Economy and Level(s) :

  • Dr Anna Braune, Director of Research and Development, DGNB

Panel Discussion with representatives from :

  • [BREEAM]: Alan Yates, Technical Director, Sustainability, BRE Global Limited
  • [DGNB]: Dr Anna Braune, Director of Research and Development, DGNB
  • [HPI]: Pat Barry, CEO, Irish Green Building Council
  • [HQE]: Sylviane Nibel, Senior R&D Engineer, Scientific and Technical Centre for Building
  • [VERDE]: Bruno Sauer, CEO, Green Building Council España

14:00 – 15:30 | Session 4: Applying Level(s) to Your Project

Key Objectives of the Testing Phase :

  • Josefina Lindblom, Policy Officer, DG Environment, European Commission

Level(s) – The Indicators, the 3 Levels and Practical Case Studies :

  • Nicholas Dodd, Joint Research Center, European Commission
  • Q&A with Audience

What Technical Support will be Provided for Organisations Testing Level(s)? :

  • Nicholas Dodd, Joint Research Center, European Commission
  • Q&A with Audience

Post-Testing: The Vision for How Level(s) Supports Market Growth :

  • James Drinkwater, Director, World Green Building Council (Europe Regional Network)
  • Interactive Session with Audience


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